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Meet the Founder


Jasmine Williams is the founder of Mobile Math LLC. She has been a highly effective teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools for the past 6 years. She has 7 years of teaching experience and 4 years of tutoring experience. Jasmine has worked for larger tutoring companies, private companies, and NOW her very own!
Jasmine joined Teach For America (TFA)-Baltimore in 2014 to pursue her teaching passion in urban education. There were several schools slated to close in Baltimore as a result of underperformance according to the State of Maryland. After Jasmine’s tenure in TFA, she decided to join the turnaround school movement and would begin teaching at one of the lowest-performing schools in the state of Maryland. During her time at this turnaround school, her students made up to 4 years worth of growth in mathematics. They also outperformed other students that were in a similar demographic on the national PARCC assessment for middle school mathematics.  
The irony of Jasmine's success as a math teacher is that she did not have a positive experience as a student in K-12 education. "I never felt connected to my math teachers or the content. I often felt confused and discouraged. Afterwhile, I just  decided that math wasn't for me!” Jasmine's perspective drastically changed when she was called to the classroom to be a math teacher. She knew that she never wanted her students to see math in the same way that she once did.  Jasmine has a deep conviction that all students CAN do the math and deserve the best quality instruction!


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“Our common core aligned instruction gets results that will translate to your child’s classroom.” 

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