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How long and often does my child need to participate in tutoring?

Mobile Math doesn’t have long term contracts; however, consistent attendance to the tutoring session is the only way to achieve your child’s math goals. For fast results schedule more sessions during a week!

How long are the sessions? 

All sessions are 60 minutes.

Do you provide homework help?

Yes, we will support your child with their homework assignments, however, if it has been identified that your child has a skill deficit, it is strongly encouraged to work on those skills primarily during the session to achieve their math goal.

Do you do reading tutoring?

At this time we do not offer reading services however, we know several wonder reading companies that can work with your child in that particular area. 

Are your services virtual?

Since this COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved all our services online. We will resume an in-person session sometime in the near future. 

Do you work with more than one child at a time?

We normally do one-on-one tutoring. We do have some special circumstances where we will do small group sessions. This is primarily for students who are in the same class or have similar learning plans. This is available upon request. 

How soon can we get started?

Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will get back to you within 24-48hours.  and then we can begin scheduling your child’s tutoring sessions a week from the scheduled 

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